How old do I need to be to receive a tattoo?
Though laws vary from state to state, in Washington you’ll need to be at least 18 with valid identification.
Custom work vs. flash
The difference Snohomish Tattoo Studio is founded on the idea of taking a custom approach to your tattoo needs. While pleasing the customer is our number one goal, as our reputation hangs on each piece we create, we do prefer to design something customized specifically to you. Anyone can pick something out of a flash book, but why go through the process of receiving a tattoo someone else may already have? Thanks to the ease at which things are shared online, we’re asked about trending designs frequently. If the design is something we can modify enough to make it somewhat original, then we can work with that. However, copying a design is plagiarism, and not something we’re going to do. Even a great “copy” still makes us look bad on a moral and professional level. We’re not just a means to an end. We’re artists, designers, and foremost here to help guide the creative process.
How old do I need to be to receive a piercing?
Age limits may vary from state to state. Generally you’ll need to be at least 18 with valid identification, *or* 16 with parent / guardian. Your parent / guardian will need to show identification clearly indicating they are legally responsible for you.
Sterilization techniques
For tattoos, we utilize single use, pre-sterilized needles. The needles are only removed from their protective packaging in front of the customer during set-up. We may use disposable tubes / grips (the needles run through these, adjacent to our machines) or stainless steel tubes / grips. If using the latter, we clean them by first cycling in our heated ultrasonic, followed by a rigorous scrubbing inside and out using Alconox cleanser. After thoroughly rinsing, tubes are sealed in sterilization pouches and run through our autoclave, insuring the contents are free of contamination and ready for use. Piercing tools are similarly cleaned and sterilized. Clamps, forceps and related tools are cleaned and sterilized same as their tattooing counterparts. Needles used during tattooing and piercing are disposed of in SHARPS containers, and when filled the containers are sealed and delivered to local biohazard waste disposal. All surfaces in piercing / tattooing area are covered during set-up and through duration of procedure. Plastic films, tape, ink / ink caps and miscellany are used once and disposed of. After procedure is complete, entire station is disinfected with Cavicide.
Bloodborne pathogen certification
Working with the public in a situation where skin is broken is the same for tattoo artists and piercers as it is for most health care professionals. There is an obvious risk for contracting a wide range of bloodborne pathogens any time body fluids are present. Our artists and piercer have all completed certification training (certificates available upon request).