Fresh ink!

Had a fun time with a good friend today – working on a piece to cap off the upper arm. Actual size approximately 8″ x 6″

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Piercing Services Are Back!

We are excited to to let you know we are offering piercing services once again. Back and better than ever! One of the best piercers in the region has joined our team. As many of our visitors know, we had been referring anyone seeking piercing services to visit Lola. Many of you did, and now you can visit her here!!

Dog portrait tattoo

Your pets aren’t just animals – they’re part of your family. It was my pleasure to do this portrait to commemorate Shelby this weekend.

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Massive octopus tat!

Had a great time working on this piece yesterday. It’s a cover up no less – but if you don’t see it, I’m not saying it…

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Rat Fink!

Had a good time with this piece yesterday. No shortage of detail! This Rat Fink piece was tattooed on a calf, the first of ongoing pieces carrying on the motif.

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